Glossary of Key Terms

Agency – The sense of individualized existence that is the motivation for the will. The sense of boundary between self and other. Inorganic matter and dead organisms lack agency (and will). Agency is the subtlest aspect of identity.

Altruism – The inclusion of others in one or more aspects of identity. The will always works for the identity, so when others are included in identity, the will acts for the benefit of others by supporting that aspect of identity.

Arete – An ancient Greek word meaning excellence, moral virtue, fulfillment of one’s highest potential. Pronounced “arr-ah-tee.”

Discernment – Action of the mind that recognizes, differentiates, decides, always for the benefit and/or reinforcement of the agent or identity. The primary activity of will.

Experience – The complex, personal, subjective, interpreted interplay of the elements and energies of the universe with a living organism as constructed by that individual organism. The term is used primarily for the human mind, but can be cautiously applied to any living organism.

Identity – The active, layered sense of self (ego) in humans (and potentially other sophisticated animals) that each uses to differentiate themselves personally and socially. All human actions are performed to reinforce their identity. Agency is the foundation upon which identity is built.

Intentionality – The philosophical term meaning representation, not to be confused with the common term “intention,” which means design, plan or purpose. The ability of the mind to hold the forms of objects, which get presented to the identity and will in the theater of the mind. In a dream, for example, all the objects in the mind are from memory and/or imagination, but they appear as real because of intentionality.

Knowledge – Awareness of a manifest phenomenon within time and space with a structure of subject, object, action. The subtlest aspect of knowledge is agency. Knowledge is the manifestation of pure consciousness imbued in a living organism. Knowledge is an act of will.

Manifest – Some measurable existence within time and space.

Nature – Anything manifest. The universe (this one or any other). Any aspect of manifest existence. Anything with material or energetic reality.

Pure consciousness – The undifferentiated potential for knowledge (to know and be known). Consciousness imbues nature such that living organisms have the powers of agency (awareness) and will (volition), both of which are aspects of knowledge and requisites for life. These powers reside neither in consciousness nor in nature alone; it is only in their union that life is possible.

Reality, Individual Subjective – The experiential reality in one mind, whose impact is determined by the belief in the reality, independent of alignment with shared or objective realities. For example, a dream may be imagined but experienced as real.

Reality, Objective – The simple interplay of elements and energies within the manifest universe that exists independent of interpretation by the mind. For example, colored pixels on a screen are real, but have no meaning of their own beyond their physical and energetic characteristics.

Reality, Shared Subjective – The shared layering of mental interpretations common to any group, society or species. For example, language and laws have no objective reality but are agreed upon and enforced within a society.

Theater – The aspect of the mind where all the experiences of life are played out. The arena of attention in which the identity and will view and “enjoy” experiences. The place where the objects of experience are created and presented.

Undifferentiated – Has no specifics, no manifestation within time and space.

Unmanifest – No measurable existence within time and space. Exists only as the potential to manifest under proper conditions.

Will – The force within a living organism toward preservation and/or enhancement of life, for the benefit of the agent. The primary acts of will are discernment and decisions.

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